We can help you become a FAA Certified Remote UAV pilot.

CNY Drone Works offers industry-standard training and education opportunities for individuals, public entities, and companies who require unmanned aerial vehicle training.  We also offer FAA Part 107 test prep and FAA regulation guidance.  Don’t see a solution listed below?  Feel free to contact us and we will tailor a training program to your needs.

UAV Pilot Training

Training for groups and individuals who want to be a professional small UAV operators.

Companies and municipalities are utilizing UAVs for professional services in industries like cinematography and filming, real estate, construction, surveying and mapping, agriculture, industrial inspections, utilities inspections and many more.

The Program

  • Phase 1: Web-based ground school

    16 Hours

  • Phase 2: PC-Based Drone Simulator

    10 Hours

  • Phase 3: Hands-On Flight Training

    2 Days

  • FAA Part 107 Prep Course

    Free prep course for the FAA part 107 Test

  • Schedule and take FAA Part 107 Test

Our UAV Pilot Training Program will get you ready to service those industries and consists of three phases. Phase 1 (web-based ground school) and Phase 2 (PC-based drone simulator) are conducted from your home. Phase 3 (hands-on flight training) is conducted by the professional instructors at CNY Drone Works.

After students complete all 3 phases, a free prep course for the FAA part 107 written test will be offered. The prep course will prepare the students to pass this required test by the FAA.

At the end of the program, students will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate that shows 10 hours of simulator, 16 hours of ground school and 16 hours of flight training for a total of 42 hours of training.

FAA Part 107 Prep Course

Feel prepared for the required FAA Part 107 written test

In order to fly drones commercially, you must pass the FAA 107 test.  Our FAA part 107 prep course is modeled exactly after the form of the test itself. We reinforce each topic with a quiz to properly prepare you. After the student has completed the modules, there is a cumulative course exam to bring all the topics together. We have also aggregated all of the necessary FAA documents into the course for convenience.

study modules


Whether you are a beginner or advanced user of small UAVs, we level the playing field. Our videos and resources will give you everything you need to become a commercial UAV pilot and pass the FAA part 107 test.


In this module you will learn about general FAA regulations, operating rules, waivers, and details of remote pilot certification.


In the airspace module, you will learn about airspace classification, operational requirements, flight restrictions and more.


The weather module teaches about weather sources and the effects of weather on performance. This is critical to ensure safety before flight.

loading & performance

This module teaches you how to determine operational performance during loading. Learn about flight aerodynamics, and the load factors of weight and balance.


The operations module teaches you radio communication procedures, airport operations, emergency procedures, maintenance, decision making and much more.

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