Give your department the edge of complete situational awareness.

With our decades of public safety experience we develop the UAV (drone) program to fit your departments needs.  We have the training know-how, deep understanding of regulatory environment, and access to some of the greatest drone technology on the market.  Every department’s mission is unique.  We listen, and work to provide effective solutions that save time, resources, and hopefully lives.


Drones allow firefighters to quickly and effectively visualize and monitor fires and the surrounding area.  See through smoke and low light environments with an Infrared sensor like the Zenmuse XT2 or H520 CGOET.  Keep a safe distance while maintaining situational awareness with a high powered zoom camera like the Zenmuse Z30 or H520 E50.   Adding a drone to your kit can help make your crew more informed, effective, and ultimately safer.


During search & rescue operations speed is everything.  Public safety drones are versatile and can be deployed quickly from almost anywhere.  Compared to traditional methods they are able to fly low and slow. Livestream enables the operator to share a live video feed directly back to the team at base.  Rapid video and photo recording allows the team to re-review footage at any time.  Some platforms can even drop payloads such as first aid kids and inflatable life preservers.


Public safety drones can fit in any police vehicle and launch within minutes.  This enables broad situational awareness and gives laws enforcement teams the ability to formulate an informed and appropriate response in any environment.  Threat detection is key to saving the lives of officers and protecting civilians in the field. Put a UAV in each car and you’ve provided every officer with the benefit of their own police helicopter, giving all officers the protection of aerial surveillance.


When a HAZMAT event occurs speed is everything.  First Responders need to quickly identify the source, scope of the event, and possible affected areas.  A UAV is a first responder’s immediate eyes in the sky.  Drones can enter the event site while giving the team a detailed overview of the site.  Tools can be dropped at the required locations before the team enters.  By using drones as vanguards save valuable time and, most importantly, lives.

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