Yuneec H520 Drone Bundle -E50 Camera


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H520 Drone Bundle-E50 Camera, Extra Baery, lanyard, Lumecube, Hoodman Sunshade, Pelican Case, EV Peak Charger

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The Yuneec H520 is an advanced six-rotor drone for commercial applications. The H520 builds off the proven Typhoon H platform and incorporates industry-first commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use. The H520 offers longer flight time, greater payload, modular design and enhanced components while staying true to Yuneec’s standard of excellence in aviation precision and safety. This sUAS enterprise solution features a proven, stable, long flight time airframe, with multiple payload options and advanced DataPilot™ mission planning software. Yuneec sUAS are built for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying, mapping, and broadcast applications.

H520 E50 Bundle
The medium focal length lens on the Yuneec E50, a gimbal stabilized camera, allows pilots to fly further away from an object of inspection, reducing risk. Flying further away reduces impact of turbulence and wind shear generated by the inspection object.

Precision Asset Inspection
The E50 is ideal for critical inspection of cell towers, wind turbines, oil & gas platforms and other vertical assets. The 40mm equivalent lens enables the E50 to capture important visual detail while maintaining a safe distance from the asset. This additional distance allows the H520 airframe to avoid air turbulence providing for a more stable hover leading to dramatically clearer images.

Aerial Cinematic Capture
Broadcast and production professionals will appreciate the cinematic effect afforded by the E50’s 40mm prime lens equivalent focal length. Capture the subject from a safe distance and improve flight stability yielding smoother, clearer video and images.

– Six-rotor (Hex) safety, stability and reliability
– High wind-resistant airframe
– Interchangeable payloads/sensors
– Up to 28 minute flight time based on payload weight
– 360º continuous rotation camera gimbal
– Retractable landing gear
– ST16S ground station w/ integrated 7” display
– DataPilot™ mission control software system
– HDMI® output for 720P display to Command/Control
– Yuneec SDK application development
– Interchangeable payloads (E50,E90,CGOET)
– Precision Flight Plans
– Automated Flight Control

E50 Camera
– 40mm Focal Length
– Hot-Swap Capable Payload
– 7-Element Glass Lens
– Continuous 360 Degree Rotation

High Precision In Challenging Environments

Vertical inspections require precise and clear imagery in what are often hostile conditions. Although an sUAS cannot replace a human or provide a complete audit, thermal and long-lens payloads provide for deeper views of tower inventory. Yuneec offers two payloads for the Field Service Provider (FSP) or tower inspector – the E50 and E90 cameras. The longer focal length of the E50 camera allows users to fly further back from the object being viewed, without compromising image quality or depth. The E90’s 1-inch sensor provides deep color and 20-megapixel still images for deep zoom analysis of fine detail. High-turbulence environments can be unpredictable and unforgiving. FSPs and tower inspectors will also benefit from the H520’s six rotor design, which provides stability in situations of high winds during tower inspections.





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