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Voyager 5 integrated a safety assurance system called FlightSafety, which is composed of a dual IMU,
dual compass, and dual GPS system, in order to make it much more reliable and safer.


The front facing infrared obstacle avoidance module, altimeter and optical flow positioning module, enable the aircraft to better position and sense obstacles while flying in the air, greatly reducing risks caused by misoperations.

The battery system is comprised of three 4300mAh batteries, providing a maximum of 41-min flight duration

(empty payload, zero wind and hovering conditions)

After strict tests in 4500m height above sea level, the drone is able to fly in high altitude regions. The maximum wind resistance is 10m/s, and working temperature is 20°C to 45°C.IP43 standard protection, which protects the drone from rain and dust, making it able to steadily fly in harsh environments.

Voyager 5 integrates the advanced 2.4G/1.4G long range video transmission system, which makes the maximum video transmission range as long as 3-5km.

To meet special requirements in many industrial applications, we developed an APP for Voyager 5 that greatly simplifies the flight operations.

Voyager 5 is capable of payload and extensions. By carrying highly integrated devices, the drone is able to solve many problems in different application scenarios.

The drone is able to identify equipment failures instead of human inspection, greatly elevating operation efficiency. With the help of 30X zoom lens, the drone is capable of carrying out long-range inspection without operation risks generated by magnetic interference.




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