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Training for groups and individuals who want to be a professional service provider using small UAVs.

No college degree or prior experience is required!
Our UAV pilot training course will prepare you to offer professional UAV services to industries such as agriculture, cinematography, film, construction, real estate, surveying and mapping, and many more.
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What’s included:

16 Hours – Web-based ground school
10 Hours – PC-based drone simulator
2 Days – Hands-on flight training

FAA Part 107 Prep Course

Along with the drone training, the prep course that will help you pass the FAA Part 107 written test is included in this package. Our full drone training package will prepare you to fly drones commercially and service a rising number of industries that are adopting UAV solutions.

The UAV pilot training program from Unmanned Vehicle University is designed to prepare individuals to be professional operators of small unmanned aerial vehicles. Students go through a 3 phase program consisting of aviation principles, technical education in unmanned systems, and 1-on-1 hands on ight training with an expert instructor. At the culmination of the 3 phases each student will be granted access to our FAA 107 test prep course. Passing this FAA test will give individuals the legal certication needed to operate UAVs professionally. Our students have a wide variety of professional goals in the unmanned systems industry from lm, to industrial inspections, to agriculture, and so much more.

Phase 1– This phase consists of 16 hours of study, delivered via 20 online modules. We cover basic aviation principles and technical education in unmanned systems. There is a quiz at the end of each module. Students study this phase
from home and complete it at their own pace. Please see additional document which lists all 20 modules.
Phase 2– In this phase students are given a UAV-specific flight simulator. They are required to log at least 10 hours of flight time on the simulator. This phase is meant to introduce right characteristics of small UAVs to the students, in order to prepare them for live flight training.
Phase 3– The final phase consists of 16 hours of 1-on-1 training with one of our instructors. In this phase students
learn basic and advanced flight controls and maneuvers. Due to the fact that flight training is conducted 1-on-1 our
instructors have the ability to tailor the training specically to the student. We can create application specific training scenarios to reach the various professional goals of our students.
Part 107 Prep- This prep course mirrors the actual FAA exam in both the layout and subjects covered. We also have
included a quiz at the end of each of the 6 modules covered in order to increase retention. At the end there is a cumulative exam and we then describe the steps necessary to register for the FAA test. The modules we cover, and the FAA tests on, are regulations, Airspace, Weather, Loading and Performance and operations.


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