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The RF-100 detects and classifies drones via multiple, integrated software-defined radios (SDRs). Detection range can reach up to 1 mile and is key to airspace security.

Best for understanding how many drones intrude into the airspace, early detection of drones, even before they take off, and classification of drone characteristics and incident logging.

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The RF-100 is a passive, network-attached radio sensor for the detection and classification of drones and their remote controls. The RF Sensor detects consumer, commercial, and hobbyist drones, and with its extended range gives early warning alerts on potential drone intrusions.

  • Detects RF, WiFi, and non-WiFi drones
  • Classifies drones by manufacturer and model
  • Detects intruders and tracks repeat offender drones
  • Broad frequency range with dual-radio design
  • Approximate coverage range 1 mile (depends on terrain)
  • Ruggedized form factor for extreme environments
  • IP65 rating
  • Single connection Ethernet and power (PoE+)
  • Connects to DroneTracker software (cloud-hosted or on-premise)
  • Mounting hardware included

Dedrone Drone Match

Drone Detection and Classification

Leveraging Dedrone’s DroneDNA signature library, a frequently-updated database of drone signatures that protects against the latest drone threats, the RF-100 detects, classifies, and alerts on drones and remote controls.

Cornerstone of Airspace Security

The RF-100 collects essential data on drone activity, including the frequency and time of incidents, and records classifications such as manufacturer and model. By continuously monitoring the airspace, it generates data-driven reports that help assess the threats presented by unauthorized drones in the airspace.

Dedrone Extended Range

Early Warning with Extended Range

The RF-100 dual-radio design enables early warning detection with extended range. By detecting signals from drones and remote controls, users can be alerted to potential threats even before drone take off in the air.

Dedrone Security Report

Works with DroneTracker Software

The RF-100 connects to Dedrone’s DroneTracker, a software platform that analyzes data from multiple sensors, sends alerts, generates reports, and triggers countermeasures. DroneTracker includes Dedrone’s DroneDNA, a library of drone signatures that is frequently updated to detect the latest drones.

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