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CNY Drone Works is FAA Certified, fully insured, and has the experience to provide comprehensive inspections for a variety of industries.  Typical manned inspections can be costly, hazardous, and can take a lot of time to complete.  Inspections by drone are safer, faster, and more accurate.  Drones also offer new types of inspections that were once unimaginable.


Identify areas of heat generation (or lack thereof) with thermal inspections.  CNY Drone Works uses industry leading FLIR cameras to collect infrared data.  Inspect solar panels, roofs, facades, power lines, and more.  No matter the project CNY Drone works can help you with thermal inspections.


Most drones mount the camera on the underside of the platform.  This layout allows provides downward-looking inspections and is sufficient for most applications.  But what if you want imagery of the underside of a bridge or building structure?  Our DJI M210 top-mounted drone platform allows for such inspections.

3D Mapping & Scanning

CNY Drone uses industry standard photogrammetry techniques and software to provide accurate 3D models of the built environment.  We have 3D scanned everything from bell towers to slate roofs.  The result is a highly detailed, measurable point cloud and/or mesh which compatible and importable into a variety of design professional software.

Roof inspections, measurements & reports

From a measurable 3D roof model of the roof we can provide a roof report.  This report is provides a full survey of the roof with surface areas, ridge and edge length and more.  An example can be found here.  Save time and keep your team safely on the ground.

Image courtesy of Drone Deploy.

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