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CNY Drone Works, a Syracuse based company, is pleased to announce their newly formed dealer partnership with Dedrone; a powerful drone detection and mitigation system used to secure airspace worldwide. Reduce the risk of a Gatwick Airport incident in your airspace with CNY Drone Works and Dedrone.

Drone Tracker Software

DroneTracker, the advanced yet simple to use software interface combined with the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300 hardware, detects, classifies, and localizes drone-based threats and pilots.

Local Government & First Responders

Local governments are taking a crucial role in integrating technology into city programs, and organizations are using drones for first response, disaster relief, surveying, and documentation. Rogue drones threaten the safety of legitimate airspace operations, forcing traditional aircraft and authorized drones to land and suspend operations while rogue drones occupy the airspace.

Dedrone Solutions:

  • Allow only authorized drones
  • Protect first responder efforts
  • Detect contraband deliveries
  • Prevent drone incidents


Countless stories have been appearing in the news over the years regarding drone activity in federal airspace, citing safety concerns for passenger aircraft and disruption of airline operations. These risks are clear – a drone crash into an aircraft will cause damage to both vehicles. In 2012, the FAA established The FAA Modernization and Reauthorization Act, putting into law a requirement for hobbyist drone operators to contact their local airport management and the air traffic control tower if they plan to fly their drone within five miles of an airport.

Dedrone Solutions:

  • Protects airport facilities and nearby flights
  • Compatible with radar technology and installations
  • Integrates into security and monitoring systems
  • Provides forensic evidence for law enforcements

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities face a new threat: contraband delivered by drones. Contraband isn’t new, but drones are already being exploited in prisons and jails around the world. Even though correctional facilities have robust physical security infrastructure, drones can easily bypass even the highest security installations by simply flying over the top into a facility.

Dedrone Solutions:

  • Detect drones before they fly over a facility
  • Trigger alerts to staff automatically
  • Capture and record forensic evidence
  • Augment existing video surveillance installations
  • Integrate into existing physical security systems

Stadiums & Arenas

The number of unauthorized drones flying in is increasing, even though “No Drones” signs are posted everywhere. Stop them from flying into the airspace, breaching photography and video rights, and endangering the general public and players.

Dedrone Solutions:

  • Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure
  • Prevent drones from interrupting games
  • Prevent copyright infringement
  • Integrate into security systems
  • Notify staff of drone flights even before they start


Drone use is on the rise. Some will use drones maliciously. Mitigate this threat and protect your airspace and facilities with a drone detection system. Saving your organization possible data loss, monetary loss, and loss of public trust. Contact us today to set you your drone detection system.

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